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If you are looking to give your marketing strategy a fresh angle, get in contact with AeroDronamic Solutions for an expert drone photography and videography service. From land surveys to hotels to festivals, drone technology can offer you breathtaking content with a distinctively modern look, showing your product to customers in a completely new light.

Along with boosting marketing appeal, our drone services can save your business from tiresome overhead costs such as renting scaffolding or hiring camera crews. Drone cameras are a relatively new phenomenon and offer a new level of mobility and efficiency for a vast number of trades.

Based in West Yorkshire, we travel to all parts of the UK and offer our services for both leisure and commercial purposes, so why not get in touch and receive a bespoke quote today.

Drone Photography and Drone Videography in West Yorkshire and UK

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 The use of aerial filming has grown rapidly in recent years, so if you have recently become interested in drones and want to receive first-class footage to enjoy, get in contact with AeroDronamic Solutions and we can arrange an appointment today.

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Land Surveys

Completing a comprehensive land survey is a time-consuming process. Through an aerial land survey from 400ft in the air, however, the task of accurately determining the visual mapping of a land area and locating its exact boundaries becomes much easier.

As a property developer, surveying the land is only one part of an extensive job. Using a drone to do the mapping for you eradicates considerable time and stress, allowing you to move forward with development faster. If you are involved in development and wish to avoid the extensive process of mapping a space of land from ground level, get in touch.


Estate Agents

Our drone photography and videography services provide estate agents with an elegant way to show off an entire property and its surrounding area. Looking at a house from ground level does not give you the full picture, while aerial real estate photography is guaranteed to give your property a distinct aesthetic advantage over your competitors.

Our services are for all types of houses and the drone can also used for tours inside the house. As the drone's camera is on a gimbal (thereby keeping the picture perfectly still), your clients will see the exact dimensions of the building that they are viewing in spectacular high-resolution. It will be as if they were walking around the house themselves!


Building Maintenance Inspection

As a building maintenance inspector, why expend funds on hiring and assembling scaffolding equipment when you can use a drone instead? Our drone services will enable you to complete thorough and daily external building inspections, along with other parts of a building that are commonly hard to view, in a manner that is meticulous and remarkably quick.

For larger commercial building projects, we can also fly our drone directly into the property for a full tour of the premises as a way of mapping the progression of the construction project at hand. So, if you are involved in building work and want to save yourself some precious time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Events and Concerts

Are you hosting a festival, concert or an important function of some kind and want the finest possible coverage? If so, you should contact us about a top-quality drone photography and videography service. Viewing a large crowd in all of its colours from up high is always a beautiful sight and will without doubt serve as an excellent marketing tool for your future events.

Managers often hire camera crews for their events, creating overhead costs for equipment and personnel, so why not save yourself some planning time by using a drone service that is guaranteed to provide dynamic and comprehensive coverage of your event.


Weddings and Private Events

Weddings are always special occasions and therefore merit special photos – ones that capture the beauty and scale of your big day. Many weddings and other private events of celebration often occur in memorable or picturesque places, so why not hire us as a drone wedding photographer to capture a high-resolution panorama of the day that you can enjoy forever?

Every wedding also needs a photo of the entire reception, which is practically impossible to achieve on land. With our drone service, you can have a picture of the whole wedding party that is guaranteed to include everyone. You could even arrange your guests in the shape of a heart! Either way, if you want a wedding photo that lasts a lifetime, give me a call for the highest standard of aerial photography and videography.

Holiday Rental Properties

Anybody who owns a holiday rental property, whether it is a hotel or holiday home, will know that the online presentation of their premises is absolutely crucial. With AeroDronamic Solutions, you can be sure that your guests are left delighted by their first impression of your property.

With the drone capable of rising to 400ft and capturing a 360 degree panoramic view, we have the ability to capture dazzling footage of your building and its surrounding area. Approved by holiday rental service Premier Cottages, you can rest assured that your property will be presented in stunning fashion.







Film and TV production

Drone photography and videography is only one part of our role. Impeccable service is also a crucial aspect our my job, and part of that involves editing and producing the content captured in a way that aligns closely with your specifications.

The quality of the drone’s camera, combined with the natural landscape, comes together to create something exceptionally cinematic. Alternatively, if you just want the raw footage, we can provide that as well.







Private Aerial Photography and Videography Services

Our drone photography and videography service is not exclusively for businesses and major events.
If you are simply an individual working on a personal project such as an independent film, or maybe somebody involved in agricultural work who wants to look at their land from a different perspective, then we can help out with that as well.

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At AeroDronamic Solutions, you will be guaranteed stunning drone-captured photo and video content along with impeccable customer service, every time. Based in West Yorkshire, we cover all parts of the UK and can offer a bespoke quote during our initial consultation, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.